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My Story

Hello, my name is Katrina S. Williams. I currently reside in Honolulu, Hawaii, although I'm originally from Linden, Alabama. Khloe, Kaden, Kasey, and Kaige are my four beautiful and unique children. I have been serving as an active member of the United States Army for almost 20 years. Here’s a brief summary about who I am and my life!

After graduating high school, I wanted to work as a school counselor so I could guide other young teens in the same manner that my school counselor had guided me. I attended Concordia College in Selma Alabama on a basketball scholarship, where I earned my elementary education bachelor's degree in 2007. I taught school for a few years so that I could coach girls’ basketball, but I allowed test anxiety to prevent me from passing the practicum, so I had to reassess my career goals.

In 2008, I started my master’s degree at the University of West Alabama, but life had a different plan for me during that time. I believe you must have the mindset and maturity to conquer your goals and overlook your obstacles. In 2009, I started a job at Selma University as the enrollment manager and admissions director; this was a great experience! I met a lot of people and helped over 700 students get enrolled in college.

Unfortunately, the income wasn’t there to support all my family’s needs as a single parent, so again I had to re-evaluate and seek more opportunities! Being a member of the Army Reserves already, I decided to go on active duty and accept a new challenge. During so I met a friend who encouraged me beyond measure, I watched her career and personal life develop as she overcame many challenges. She was determined to achieve all her goals, and I used her blueprint to get focused and finish my career goals.

In 2015, I attended Webster University and completed my first master’s degree in public relations. I didn’t stop there because I wanted more. In December 2019, I completed a graduate certificate in gerontology, and in December 2021, I completed my second master’s degree in human services. In addition, I am a commissioned minister under the International Ministerial Fellowship, a certified sexual assault victim advocate, an equal opportunity and suicide prevention leader. I am currently applying for the Army’s Chaplain program and pursuing a master’s in divinity in pastoral counseling to help Soldiers and their families, which brings me to my passion: starting my own business to help others mentally, spiritually, and emotionally become their best holistic selves! I love making people smile and seeing them operate at their full potential!

"I know firsthand what it's like to overcome the effects of sexual, emotional, verbal, and domestic abuse; manipulation, low self-esteem, generational barriers, spiritual deficiencies, toxic leadership and relationships, grief, stress, and single parenting."

My Mission

My practice will help people of all ages by equipping them with the tools and resources required to recover from traumatic experiences. I will help you break generational curses, change your mindset, set healthy boundaries, and implement self-care. I will help you understand that seeking counseling is a strength by providing different spiritual, mental, and emotional perspectives to help you maintain peace and happiness!!

Pease consider me to be a part of your journey, for your mental, spiritual, emotional, and life coach needs, it will be an honor to work with you!!!

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